Smart Biosystems UK

AD Biogas Installation

The Project: Develop a UK AD Biogas Installation Company offering innovative solutions for small scale farm-based AD plants.

Description: SBS is a start-up bringing in the market a competitive solution for turnkey AD installation plants and developing innovative components. After identifying the opportunity to develop a compelling offer for turnkey farm-based AD plants, Energian UK made a significant investment in the company.

Our Solution: Energian UK seed funded the company for two years and raised £140k in the first year of operation on R&D funds. We developed the Business Plan, we did a comprehensive Market Research, we helped the company establish a network of partners and identify the locations of the first plants. Furthermore, our TALOSX Applied Innovation Think Tank facilitates the development of 2 new innovative prototype components for the AD market. Energian UK is now a major shareholder in Smart Biosystems and raised £2.4m on risk and project financing.


Smart Biosystems UK